Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Inspiring by nature

Uluru is Australia’s most inspiring natural icon and the heart of Indigenous culture. This stunning landscape provides the space to breathe and the freedom to think and imagine. 

You can feel it as soon as you land; you’ve arrived somewhere special. The magnificent open spaces instantly clear your head; and the ancient spirituality evokes new and insightful perspectives. This is a place where you’ll arrive excited and leave enlightened and inspired to dream big. 
Uluru brings delegates together in an all-encompassing resort with a powerful atmosphere in which to learn, exchange knowledge and experience the stunning, world renowned landscapes. 

Located in the geographical heart of Australia; Uluru is close to all other Australian cities. Its desert climate offers perfectly dry and sunny conditions so delegates can enjoy activities unencumbered and immersed in nature.

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Alice Springs

The geographical heart of Australia, Alice Springs adds a true outback adventure to an event itinerary