Extraordinary Meeting Places, Northern Territory, Australia

Meet the NTCB

The NTCB team have a wealth of history and experience in the tourism and events industry. Combining their knowledge and experience with their undeniable passion for the NT and everything it has to offer along with their understanding of business events, ensures that an event in the NT is nothing short of a success.


Suzanne Morgan, Northern Territory, Australia

Suzanne Morgan
Executive Director, Business Events

A little bit about me... I’m a very proud member of the NT team. I have spent a large component of my career working on the development of the NT as a destination both locally and overseas. I love witnessing the growth of the NT as a tourism destination and the chance to share my passion for the destination with many around the world.

What do I do…
My role is the privileged opportunity to work with our NT team to drive growth in the business events market and partnerships to strengthen the local economy. I get to work daily with a team of unashamedly passionate Territorians and showcase the very best of what the NT has to offer to the world - a unique, culturally rich destination filled with natural wonder.

The last word… Put simply, I love what I do. I am thrilled to have the chance to showcase the NT to the world and to be able to create a commercially competitive event experience whilst still maintaining a strong link to the NT’s heritage and cultural richness.

Alice Springs

Nicole Jervis, Northern Territory, Australia

Nicole Jervis

Manager - Marketing & Communications

A little bit about me… I have spent a great deal of my career in the tourism and events industry and I am without doubt a passionate Territorian. The fact that I get to spend my day telling everyone about the wonders of the NT makes me even more passionate, if that was possible.

What do I do… I manage the place branding activities of the NT for the business events sector. This essentially means I get to tell everyone how great the NT is every day! I also have the privilege of staying in touch with the local industry innovations to help spread the word about what the NT has to offer for business events.

The last word… I love the NT. As a destination it motivates me every day and the people are nothing short of inspiring. The beauty of a business event in the NT is the fact that there is just so much to see and do. The fact that you can continually come back and have a uniquely different experience each time means it is the perfect destination. 

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The NT Convention Bureau has team members located across Darwin, Alice Springs, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as in a variety of international hubs